Albumen Powder

Albumen Powder

INCI Name: Albumen
CAS Numbers: 9006-50-2


Spray dried non-whipping egg Albumen Powder is rich in vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals. When applied to the skin, Albumen forms a film that lifts wrinkles to the level of surrounding skin while shrinking and contracting the skin. Albumin is also great for oily skin and treating acne. As Albumin dries, it not only tightens the skin but also pulls debris out of pores. Because of it’s high protein content, Albumin can be used as a mask to heal injured skin. It is also used for making cakes.


Used in masks, lotions, salves and anti-aging products. In hair care Albumen promotes shine and adds volume. Also used in food, and in the preparation of vaccines, such as influenza.


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