Antifoam 20

Antifoam 20

INCI Name: Simethicone
CAS Numbers: Mixture


Antifoams/Defoamers are used in numerous industrial and food grade applications for foam control. McKinley Resources Antifoam – 20 is a Kosher-approved, 20 % active silicone emulsion. The product offers the customer effective foam control at relatively low cost. Quick knockdown of foam and persistent foam control marks the characteristics of this Antifoam in most systems. The product works equally well in hot and cold systems. The product can also be diluted to prepare 10 % silicone antifoams


Can be used in food-processing areas where additives are required to conform to direct food contact regulations
Compatible in most aqueous processing applications.
Use product as is by adding directly into foaming system, or dilute with processing liquid prior to use.
Effective when added prior to foam generation or when added to control existing foam.
Disperses in water with moderate amounts of mixing.


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