Apricot Seed Powder 40/60

Apricot Seed Powder 40/60

INCI Name: Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) Seed Powders
CAS Numbers: Sample available upon request.


Apricot Seed Powders are granules prepared from crushed apricot shells. The shells have a hard fibrous material ideal as a gentle, natural exfoliate which assists with the removal of dead skin cells. Its grit is a soft abrasive that is extremely durable, angular & multi-faceted.


Exfoliant: add to scrubs and bath salts or a mild abrasive exfoliant to remove dry and dead cells.
Soaps/salves: add an exfoliating factor to soaps, salves, scrubs and more to restore a healthy & vibrant glow to the skin.


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