Behentrimonium Chloride

Behentrimonium Chloride

INCI Name: Behentrimonium Chloride
CAS Numbers: 17301-53-0


Behentrimonium Chloride is a cleaning/conditioning agent (known as a “cationic quaternary ammonium compound”) and can be made from colza oil obtained from the seeds of Brassica rapa, var. oleifera (oilseed turnip). It conditions, detangles, fights static, softens, restores, and rebuilds damaged hair. It doesn’t coat, but penetrates the hair shaft for potent conditioning effects. In some applications, it also acts as a preservative.


Used as an antistatic agent and a disinfectant. It is commonly found in cosmetics such as conditioners, hair coloring, and mousse, and also in detergents. In water treatment, it acts as an algaecide.


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