INCI Name: Bromelain
CAS Numbers: 37189-34-7


Bromelain is an extract derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all parts of the fresh plant and fruit, which has many uses. Bromelain began its reputation for various uses in folk medicine and continues to be explored as a potential healing agent in alternative medicine, especially for its anti-inflammatory effects. In skin care it is used in facial masks and peels. Bromelain is also very effective as a meat tenderizer


Bromelain is used for reducing swelling, especially of the nose and sinuses, after surgery or injury. It is also used for hay fever, treating ulcerative colitis, burn debridement, preventing pulmonary edema, relaxing muscles, stimulating muscle contractions, slowing clotting, improving the absorption of antibiotics, preventing cancer, shortening labor, and helping the body get rid of fat. As a culinary ingredient it is used primarily as a tenderizer. Also used in some cosmetics.


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