Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger-1

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger-1

INCI Name: Proprietary
CAS Numbers: Proprietary


Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger-1 is a 80-83% triazine hydrogen sulfide scavenger that is effective in removing H2S. Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger-1 can be used in bubble towers or continuously injected. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a very toxic and pungent gas that causes problems in both the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. The process of removing H2S, by either iron sponge H2S scrubbers (forming iron sulfide) or chemical scavengers, is known as gas sweetening. Typical H2S scavengers used in the oilfield are amine-based chemicals.

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger-1 applications are for hydrogen sulfide removal which will improve safety in the drilling rig work place. It will also allow for safe, effective and quick removal of hydrogen sulfide gas from processing systems. It assists in maintaining assets and greatly reduces corrosion. Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger-1 helps to preserve expensive drilling equipment from the corrosive effects of H2S gases. It helps to avoid costly drilling and production delays from exceedingly high and unsafe levels of corrosive gases. Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger-1 is a hydrogen sulfide scavenger for water-based systems to scavenge and convert H2S to a safe, non-solid byproduct corrosion inhibitor


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