Lauramide DEA

Lauramide DEA

INCI Name: Lauramide DEA
CAS Numbers: 120-40-1


Lauramide DEA is a mixture of ethanolamides of lauric acid. Lauramide DEA is a compound made from a saturated fatty acid called lauric acid and diethanolamine or DEA, an ingredient in some cosmetic products that functions as a wetting agent. Combinations of fatty acids and DEA like lauramide DEA are referred to as diethanolamides.


Lauramide DEA is used in shampoo products, liquid hand soap products, hair spray products, body wash/cleanser products, hair color and bleaching products, styling mousse/foam products, bath oil/salts/soak products, men's shaving cream products, foot cleansing products, exfoliant/scrub products, dandruff/scalp treatment products, baby soap products, eczema/damaged skin treatment products, toners and astringents.


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