McKinley Collagen HF

McKinley Collagen HF

INCI Name: Collagen
CAS Numbers: 9007-34-5


McKinley Collagen HF™ is a mostly type I natural soluble collagen processed from ovine solely sourced from Australia which is designated as a disease-free country by the USDA. Type I and III collagen are key components for a healthy skin microenvironment to maintain elasticity and promote wound healing for damaged skin due to cuts, abrasions, and environmental factors. Aged skin has lower collagen density, a higher percentage of collagen type III, and is fragile because of fragmentation and loss of type I collagen fibrils which confer strength and resiliency. McKinley Collagen HF™ contains 93-97% type I and 3-7% type III full-length collagen.


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