NuovoCare™ 1%

NuovoCare™ 1%

INCI Name: Beta-Glucan
CAS Numbers: 1439905-58-4


NuovoCare™ 1% is a natural linear 1,3-beta glucan from fermentation of a marine bacterium. Beta-glucan is known to soothe irritated skin, support the skin’s own anti-oxidant activity, protect the skin from environmental damage, and help the skin to retain moisture.


NuovoCare™ 1% is recommended for skin repair, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, moisturization and antiwrinkle benefits. NuovoCare™ 1% is suitable for a variety of applications including moisturizers, sunscreens,toners, facial cleansers, facial masks, astringents, skin creams and nail treatment


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