Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate

INCI Name: Sodium Citrate
CAS Numbers: 68-04-2


Sodium Citrate can refer to any of the sodium salts of citric acid such as monosodium citrate, disodium citrate, and trisodium citrate. It is a white, crystalline powder that dissolves in water but not alcohol. It is used in soft drinks as an anticoagulant. In addition, cosmetic manufacturers use Sodium Citrate to adjust the acidity of a product.


Sodium Citrate is used in shampoo products, conditioners, foundation products, facial moisturizers, liquid hand soaps, anti-aging products, bar soaps, baby wipes, toners, astringents, tooth whitening products, sunscreens, concealers, styling gels, lotions, exfoliants, scrubs, creams, toothpaste products, lotions, and hair sprays.


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