Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium Metabisulfite

INCI Name: Sodium Metabisulfite
CAS Numbers: 7681-57-4


Sodium Metabisulfite or sodium pyrosulfite is an inorganic compound of chemical formula Na2S2O5. The substance is sometimes referred to as disodium (metabisulfite). Sodium Metabisulfite is used as a disinfectant, antioxidant, and preservative agent.


Sodium Metabisulfite is used in hair color and bleaching products, sunless tanning products, skin fading/lightener products, moisturizers, anti-aging products, foams, conditioners, concealer products, toners, astringents, creams, hair sprays, shampoos, muscle/joint soreness products, exfoliants, and scrubs.


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