Show Recap – McKinley at MWSCC Teamworks 2024

Mar 26, 2024

McKinley Resources Inc. continued laying the groundwork for an unprecedented 2024 at the MWSCC Teamworks event in Rosemont, Illinois.  MWSCC Teamworks is the main ingredients and formulation event for the Midwest Chapter of SCC and the central northeast region serving the cosmetic/personal & household care industry.

Highlighting the event was the introduction of our exciting new product, MacDerma™ BAK (bakuchiol), a natural alternative to topical retinoids that are synthetic in derivation that lacks the photosensitive effects.  In addition to being a retinol altervative, we also focused on three of its other key features … Wrinkle Reduction, Anti-Inflammatory, and Collagen Upregulation.  Sharing our new product was just one of the amazing moments at the show.  It didn’t last long but the the interest and people we had the pleasure of speaking with will leave a long-lasting effect as we continue into. 2024.

As usual we want to leave you with an inside look at the show.  Here is a picture of the McKinley team with the Midwest Bioprocessing Center team.